Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last month, I had the great pleasure of participating in a Cara Box exchange for the first time ever!  I am so glad that I did.  The theme for February was #ClubSexy, appropriate for the “red” month, don’t you think??   I was blessed to be matched up with Gayle from Grace for Gayle.  Not only am I thankful that I found her blog, it’s super awesome, but I’m thankful that I actually had the chance to meet Gayle for gelato last week! I will call her my first official blogger friend since she is the first lady I’ve met in blog world and in person.   I really had a great time chatting with her and getting to know about the woman behind the blog.
So, on to the juicy details about my Cara Box, Gayle’s #ClubSexy challenge was to create the perfect date night for me and she did a great job!! The “box of relaxation” included:

Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate
(delicious, one of my new favorite snacks)
Glade Candle and Candle Lighter
 (I LOVE all things smelly and this candle smells so yummy)
Aloe Infused Socks
(like walking on clouds)
Note Cards
Red Velvet Cake Body Wash
(certified #clubsexy win)
Vanilla Lotion

The items were beautifully packaged!

Super big smile, I was excited.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Carabox, the sweet note, and the fun girl time!

I prepared a special box for Jessica at Wonder What's Next. You can visit her blog for details on what I included in her #clubsexy package, here!

Cara Box


  1. what a fun idea! that package looks wonderful! :)

  2. How crazy! Gayle was my partner when I did a Cara Box exchange too! We met up at Starbucks and had a fabulous time! It was fun to be able to meet her in person and I loved blogging about it here! Such a small world!