Friday, February 1, 2013

Winner x 2!!

The winner of my Mary Kay Satin Lips Giveaway is *drum roll please* Bernadett Rauski.  Congratulations!! I will put it in the mail asap, I hope you love it!! 

If you can take this much excitement in one post, I have one more winner to announce... ME!!! I won Jan's Giveaway from The Comfort of a Safe Place.  What did I win??? These gorgeous earrings.

I absolutely adore accessories and I can not wait to wear these! Thank you Jan, I love winning.


  1. You're welcome Tiffany!! Congratulations to your winner, too!

    Jan ♥

  2. We're so glad you linked up with Tuesday's Prayers today and are praying peace, protection, and blessing abundant upon you. I just love your blog, and really enjoyed reading about your fasting experience. I'm always amazed by the things we can do when we hand over control to Him. Hope you have a blessed week!