Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cry About It or Dance About It

This little guy has gotten a lot of attention in the last few days, so you  may have seen this video.  If not, DON'T miss this opportunity to WATCH the video.  I watched this for the first time yesterday and immediately thought, I must share this with everyone!  He is just as cute as a button and quite hilarious, but once you get past that, the words he speaks are so TRUE!  Take a look and really consider the message.

So many great one liners in here it's challenging to pick just one but I love it when he says, "you can cry about it or dance about it."  Ummm, yes! What a great way to look at life. I'm also really considering his question, "What will you create to make the world more awesome?" Today, my goal is to help make the world more awesome in 2 ways: 1) SMILE at every single person I make eye contact with today, 2) Pray for each person my shadow touches today.
So, How will you make the world more awesome today??


  1. Soooo . . . cute and it IS our time to make the world awesome! Blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  2. Absolutely fantabulous!! It is so inspiring and heartwarming to see one of our younger generations taking a stand and "telling it like it is". I applaud his creativity and his "gumption". Thanks for sharing this video!

    Kelly xoxo

  3. Oh he is cute as can be. That boy is going to be a leader one day - or maybe a preacher. He's awesome. And I love Soul Pancake anyway. Thanks so much for sharing - you brightened my day. Tomorrow it's shopping day and it's my goal to smile and somehow brighten every grumpy clerk's day!

  4. I've seen this going around too! My way to make the world more awesome tomorrow is to try to call my grandparents - who I don't spend near enough time talking to! :)

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