Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Right Around the Corner

Today's post is inspired by our post dinner adventure.  

As Josh and I walked up to his truck, it was glaringly evident that one of the tires was very low on air. No need to worry, there was a gas station around the corner that we could easily stop at to fill the tire up and be on our way in mere minutes.  Off we go to the 7-11 around the corner.  I rummaged in my purse for quarters as we drove so Josh would be prepared to feed the pump.  We pull up only to discover an "Out of Order" sign on the air pump.  Hmmm, not what we had expected but, again, not a problem.  We decided to head back towards the house and stop by our usual gas station.  We pull up to the Shell station to discover another "Out of Order" sign on the air pump! Ummmm, ok... definitely NOT what we expected.  At this point, Josh commented that, "this is some serious bad luck." At the moment, his words struck me but I wasn't exactly sure why.  I didn't like him saying that because neither of us actually believe in luck but I couldn't bring myself to disagree with him.  I've never seen an air pump "out of order" before, let alone 2 in a row!  As Josh slowly pulled out of the parking lot he had an idea.  My favorite car wash was right across the street, perhaps they have an air pump?? We pulled up as they were closing but we circled around the parking lot just to make sure we didn't see a place to fill up.  Nope, nothing.  In a last ditch effort to find air, we asked one of the workers at the car wash if there were any air pumps.  He didn't speak English!  After a few minutes of really bad sign language, he understood what we were asking and pointed right behind us.  We circled around the parking lot one last time and saw the most lovely air pump (in the most unlikely location)!! And the best part... it was FREE!

I don't tell you this story to make a huge celebration about (finally) finding air for Josh's tire or because we saved 4 quarters in the process.  I think this story is symbolic of life.  Often times, we have a plan and go after something but when it doesn't work out the way we want the first time, we give up.  Perhaps you're really persistent and are willing to give it a second try and things still don't work out.  Well, if we had stopped looking when Josh decided "this is some serious bad luck" not only would we have not had air, we would have missed the FREE air.  Which, I think was a sweet little blessing! How many sweet little blessings (or sweet BIG blessings) do we miss out on every day because we didn't keep pushing long enough?

No matter what the circumstances may look like, keep pushing... your blessing may be right around the corner!