Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and the whimsical/magical feeling that lingers in the air all around us each day of December.  It makes my heart glad each time I smell pine and cinnamon in a craft store, see the sign for peppermint mochas at Starbucks, and I squeel with excitement each time I notice new shimmering Christmas lights wrapped around houses and trees in our neighborhood.  I'm drawn into the sparkling christmas trees in every store and it takes every ounce of self disciple for me to wait until after Thanksgiving to start playing Christmas music.  There is sheer joy in my heart almost every moment to be honest.  Joy that I am anxious to share with everyone around me.
However, in the midst of all the "commercial/manufactured" joy that comes along with this season, the greatest possible joy any person can have is a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World!! I was contemplating what a special time of year this is for most people but especially for believers. This a chance to openly celebrate and praise our Savior.  I've decided to make it a top priority for me to share share share the GOOD NEWS of Christ this holiday season because He is the true Joy of the season.  I believe that during this time of year people's hearts are softened and more open to hear about Christ.  So look for every oppoortunity to tell the people in your life what you are really celebrating during the most wonderful time of year! 

How do you plan on sharing the Gospel of Christ this Christmas season??


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