Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why You Should Use the Simplest Feature on the Most Common Bible App

Do you have an ever-growing stack of devotionals and journals that you were oh so excited to started but somehow never completed? Do you find that you desire to move on to a new study before you finish your current one? If this is you, keep reading!

One of my commitments for the year is to wake up earlier in the morning in order to be more consistent in my daily quiet time. I recently discovered the simplest feature of one of the most popular bible apps could help me follow through on my commitment! Chances are good that you already have the YouVersion Bible App downloaded on all of your electronic devices (if not, go ahead and do that now…I’ll wait). Perhaps you’ve been using it for years, as I have and you enjoy many of the useful features like creating verse images, bookmarking and highlighting passages, and even recording notes in the app. These features are all helpful, but not the feature that has aided me in my daily reading.
A few months ago, my husband kept sharing wonderful spiritual insights the Lord was communicating to him through a new devotional he was reading. After several days of hearing about it, I inquired deeper. He shared with me that He had almost completed a 7 day reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App and encouraged me to go browse the app and save any reading plans that looked intriguing. Now, the devotionals or reading plan feature on the app was not new to me. I have completed several of them in the past. But I realized two things after our conversation, there are plans of varying length and I can save plans I see for future use.

What’s so earth-shattering about these realizations? The option to save reading plans for later allowed me to choose a plan but not commit to it today! There was something very freeing about that for me. Recognizing that I could start and complete a full reading plan in just one week was revolutionary! Often times in the past, I am so excited to start a study on a particular topic and the enthusiasm slowly fades until about 3 weeks in I’m forcing myself to “just finish” so that I can move on to something new. I’m not tired of God’s word or tired of studying I just seem to have a fairly short attention span when it comes to devotionals.
Since starting to utilize the Bible App Reading Plans to enhance my quite time, I can proudly say that I have been more consistent with my bible reading and each morning (well most mornings!) I look forward to reading and I complete the plan with the same enthusiasm as day 1.

So there it is folks, the simplest feature on the most common bible app that can help you be more consistent reading the bible! Which tools help you stay consistent in your daily time with the Lord?


  1. I have many friends who read their bible using apps. This is very interesting to me as I would love to be able to find it while sitting in groups
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    1. Yes Angie! It is so very helpful to have the bible in the palm of your hand at any given moment. :-)