Thursday, March 10, 2016

Reversing a Rainy Day Mood

In my part of the state, it has been rainy and overcast all week. Not my favorite type of weather unless I’m cuddled up in bed with a warm drink and a good movie.  People generally grumble and complain about the dreary weather and seem a bit grumpier than usual. Early in the week, I paid little attention to the grumbles but a rambling whiner on Facebook grabbed my attention today. She listed several unfortunate circumstances that had basically ruined her week and the rain was on the list of culprits for her less than desirable week.  In all honesty, after reading her post, I was agitated by her complaints and clear overindulgence in #firstworldproblems.
However, I started considering how the rain can have a significant impact on anyone’s mood, if they allow it to. If you are one of the many people, myself included, that tend to be a little grumpy on rainy days, I would like to encourage you to reconsider what a rainy day means!  Rain is refreshing and symbolic of new life! It’s God’s provision for plants, animals and all of mankind. After a rain the flowers are beautiful and the grass is a lush, vibrant green. The sound of rain on the window pane is soothing and relaxing, even in the midst of a chaotic work day.
Instead of feeling sad when you awake to realize the day's forecast requires an umbrella, find an activity that you can enjoy on rainy days. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Curl up under your favorite blanket with a warm drink and captivating book.
  • Stay in your pajamas and binge watch a new Netflix series in bed.
  • Pull some toys from the bottom of the toy box and create new games with your kiddos.
  • Put on a jammin’ playlist and get ahead on chores I’ve been avoiding
The next time it rains, allow the rain the trigger thoughts of renewal and cleansing in your own mind! Pause for a moment to enjoy the fresh smell of a spring rain and bask in the calming breeze that lingers in the air as the rain ceases.

Did I leave your favorite rainy day activity off of the list? How do you make the choice to enjoy a rainy day?


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