Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joseph: Faithfully Loved

God’s Faithful Love.  What comes to mind when you meditate on God’s Faithful Love? I immediately think of His patience, eternal salvation, provision, grace and mercy.  I think of the many abundant blessings in my life that I do not deserve.  God’s Faithful Love makes me think of sunshine and happiness and many wonderful things.  I think that is the reason Genesis 39:21 jumped off the page at me so blatantly.

But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. And the Lord made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden.” (39:21, NLT)
Hmmm, wait a second… At this point in the text Joseph had just been falsely accused of rape by his boss’s wife and was thrown in jail.  Then, I read that as Joseph sits in jail (unjustly sentenced), God showed “His Faithful Love.”  Based on this profound verse, I need to reconsider the images I conjure up when meditating on God’s Faithful Love. Joseph was facing what must have been one of his darkest moments and yet the Lord was there showing “His Faithful Love.”  At first, this was surprising to me, but upon closer consideration it is beyond comforting to know that the Lord is ALWAYS ready and willing to show “His Faithful Love” regardless of my circumstances.  I just need to learn from Joseph and be ready to represent my savior under every condition and in every environment.  In spite of the seemingly negative circumstance, Joseph held steadfastly to his dedication to the Lord and in turn God made Joseph successful at everything he touched even in prison.

What area of your life is not going exactly as planned?  I challenge you fully commit this area to the Lord and allow him to show his Faithful Love to you in your darkest moments.

Lord, I thank you for the inspiring example of unwavering love for you that we have in Joseph. I pray that as the dark moments come, we will stay firmly planted and fully recognize your faithful love.  Help us not to grumble about the difficult times but to press into you more deeply.

 In Jesus name,


  1. Tiffanty-
    I have just loaded your blog in for my Grow Your Blog party. I look forward to meeting you and reading your special post on the 19th. I hope you make lots and lots of new friends!


  2. HI, new follower... It is amazing at how God works in people's lives. I would be nothing with out him. I totally depend on him and turn to him for everything. He is my everything. I look forward to reading your blog postings. Would love to have you follow me back.


  3. I am a new follower...Love your blog...I have just recently become a SAHW and am soooo loving it...the one area that is not going exactly as it really should is my activity level...I need to get out and exercise each day and I just don't. I used to be so tired and never have the time due to teaching school all day and now...well I don't have any reason whatsoever!

    1. Thanks Teresa! I checked out your blog... super cute! It will definitely appeal to the former scrapbooker within. :-)

  4. Hi Tiffany, I love that we can find inspiration & strength for our hard times by studying God's Word.