Friday, December 27, 2013

Gold Rush: What I'm Loving Fridays Linkup

Wow, Christmas came and went quickly! I pray that each of you had a tremedous time celebrating the birth of Christ with your families.  Our Christmas was lovely (despite the fact that my hubby got the flu!).
As I was packing to head to my parents house for the holidays.  I realized something... I'm falling in love with Gold!!! That is huge for me.  My entire life I've been a silver type of girl.  Everyone in my family knows to never buy me gold jewelry because I don't like it. I cannot pin point exactly when my heart started to soften towards gold.  It could have been when I purchsed this Michael Kors Rosegold watch. 
 When I bought it, I thought it was pretty and trendy.  But when I wore it for the first time, I fell in love!
I'm thankful that my husband and my sister, unknowingly, encouraged my new love with these lovely Christmas gifts!
                                                                       Michael Kors Gold Jet Setter Tote          Cheetah Print "Bling" Iphone 5c Case
I find myself gravitating towards gold accessories more often when I'm shopping these days. So what about you, what are your feelings about gold accessories??


  1. oh that watch is beautiful! I know what you mean - I feel myself slowly being pulled towards gold... :)

  2. Oh hi! Thank you for linking up with 'Fashion item Friday', too. I really appreciate it. We have similar watches. I am glad big watches are all the rage. Makes it so much easier to see with my over 60 eyes. lol