Friday, December 20, 2013

Movie Review: American Hustle

What I'm loving this week... movies.  I actually love movies every week.  My husband and I are avid movie watchers. At least 75% of our entertainment budget is spent at Cinemark.  We are not picky movie goers, we will watch almost anything assuming it isn’t overly offensive.  Last night, while waiting for the previews to end, I decided that it may be fun to add movie reviews to the blog.  I watch so many, surely, my opinion could be useful to someone.  I will rate them on a Star System (as any good movie critic does) as defined below.
5 stars – Excellent, Must See
4 stars – Good, Enjoyable Evening
3 stars – Average, Worth the Price of Admission
2 stars – Bad, Skip It
1 stars – Horrible, Waste of Time

Well, folks, here goes my first blog movie review…
American Hustle
Last night Josh picked the movie, American Hustle. Although the movie had a stellar cast, I went in with fairly low expectations.  American Hustle is the story of a con-artist and his seductive partner that end up working for an FBI agent. 
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner

Favorite Character: Rosalyn, crazy wife, played by Jennifer Lawrence.  I thought Rosalyn was quite hilarious and she was certainly my favorite! Jennifer Lawrence won my heart in the Hunger Games but boy-oh-boy she does a great job playing a “crazy lady.”
MPAA Rating: R- quite a bit of foul language

Star Rating: 4 Stars, I thought the movie had a good pace throughout.  There was an interesting story line that kept me engaged the entire 138 minutes (Josh, however, did fall asleep at least once).  The ending, although slightly predictable, was creative enough to not be disappointing.  Although, Jennifer Lawrence’s character was my favorite, all of the actors were great.  Overall, I thought it was a good movie and provided a fun date night with my honey.
Have you seen American Hustle yet? If so, what did you think?

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